German Summer Course for "False Beginners"

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German Courses in Prague 3

This course is particularly useful for "false beginners" - students who have studied German in the past but have either forgotten part or most of what they learnt, or were taught just grammar and didn't get a chance to talk.


U Rajské zahrady 3/1912
Prague 3, only 1 tram stop from the main train station


30.7. & 1.8.2018
Monday & Wednesday
3 - 4.30 pm and 4.45 - 5.30 pm

Language skill level

A1 "False beginners"


Monday 3 x 45 minutes
Wednesday 3 x 45 minutes

Course fee

3-6 students in class, 600 Kč/student
2 students in class, 900 Kč/student
1 student in class, 1800 Kč

Number of participants

1-6 studentů