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German in Prague 3

Course location

U Rajské zahrady 3/1912
Praha 3, only 1 tram stop from the main train station


1.10.2019 - 11.2.2020
Tuesday from 4:20 - 5:50 pm

No class


Language skill level

A1.1. This course is for absolute beginners, who have no knowledge of the German language.

Course book

studio 21 A1, lessons 1-3
The course book is not included in the fee.
The course is based on the communicative approach.


36 total TU, 2 TU/week, one TU is 45 minutes long

Course fee

1 person 12.400 Kč
2 persons 6.200 Kč/pers.
3 persons 4.200 Kč/pers.
4-6 persons 3.600 Kč/pers.

Special offers

Only one can be used. Special offers can't be used with Sodexo or Benefity.

<b>for university students</b> up to the age of 26, who are in their bachelor's or master's studies on campus.


by <b>booking and paying</b> 4 weeks before class starts.


by <b>booking and paying</b> 2 weeks before class starts.


for<b>each new student</b> you are bringing along.